Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Photo Bee Blog

Britt Conley's PhotoGardenBee flower photography blog is a study of the wonder, structure, color, and beauty of flowers. For example, in the series of iris photos, below, she begins from an extreme-closeup of the flower bud, spent flower and internal structure, eventually pulling out so we can see a field of iris. 

The Photo Garden Bee loves flowers and photographing them, and it shows in her photos. She also sells fine art prints of her many photographs. Check out Britt's blog at The PhotoGardenBee.

Slender, pointed buds emerging from "worn out, cotton-like shawls"

Britt's favorite shot of the spent blossoms, calling them "hand dyed silk turbans"

Britt says, "One of the captivating things I love about irises are their petals. Like crossing two time signatures in music: a 4/4 background beat with a 3/4 topper, iris petals have three curled petals which crown theh four splayed beneath. It's one of those great oddities that makes them so wonderfully photogenic."

The garden full of irises

Daisy with curled petal against a blue background

Lobularia Maritima, alyssum

Apple blossoms from her "Wordless Wednesday" shots

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