Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Mid-Summer Garden

Echinacea against the garden bench

Fragrant Linden tree blossoms during July

Autumn anemone September Charm. These begin blooming in August clear through October.

Hemerocallis Flava, the fragrant lemon midsummer daylily. One of the workhorses of the garden.

Wandering pink evening primrose, another of those pretty, persistent plants that weaves its way and fills up spaces around other plants

Rudbeckia, the fabulous Black-Eyed Susan. These have grown well in semi-shade for me.

Indispensable white salvia, blue penstemon, and brilliant poppy mallow, the Rocky Mountain winecup, or callirhoe involucrata

Rose leaves after a visit from the leaf-cutter bees. These bees pollinate alfalfa. They live in "bee boards," wide-cut lumber drilled with hundreds of holes which serve as leaf cutter nests. The little circle leaf-cutouts serve as a cover to the narrow round nests.

Shasta daisies, among the most recognizable and easiest to grow. Give them plenty of room and plenty of sunshine.

White lilies in July. These grow under the peach tree.

Salvia and white Japanese peony. I tried this diagonal shot but I'm not sure I like it.